Copier Leasing and Service

Trust Erie Ink with your next copier lease

with plans as low as $59 a month.

How It Works:

Give us a call or fill out the form so we can discuss the type of printer or copier that best suits your business’s needs, then we’ll provide a quote for your monthly payment.

Our service technician will deliver and install your machine at no cost. A complimentary training session to go over the basics of your new machine will be provided at the time of delivery.

You’ll now be able to enjoy the convenience of your on-site printer or copier from your own office, bank, restaurant, or any type of business.

Any time you need toner or other supplies, give us a call and we’ll personally deliver it for free. Or if you prefer, we have software that allows us to monitor your toner supply levels, and we can deliver toner when you’re running low.

If any problems should arise with your new machine, our service technician will come out to diagnose, service, or repair your machine at no cost.

Don't worry about the hassle and shipping costs incurred with returning your copier at the end of your lease. Ask about our $1 buy-out option.

Bundle your lease with our Managed Print Service

Let us handle your printer supplies inventory with remote monitoring of ink and toner levels.

Why Lease?

Keep your costs down by printing in-house with a printer or copier at your commercial location. Erie Ink has put over 10+ years into helping businesses streamline their printing needs with our printer and copier leasing. Our Toledo area clients enjoy the dependable repair, maintenance, and supplies we provide, and our leasing services will put a brand-new machine of your choice in your business space.

There’s no astronomical price tag or waiting for a third-party printer to fill your order. Leasing puts the equipment right in your office with affordable payments and without the burdens of expensive repairs or lost efficiency as your machine ages.

The perks of leasing a printer or copier instead of buying include using a fully functional machine on-site without the downsides of investing in a permanent piece. You don’t have to worry about your equipment getting older and depreciating in value. As equipment ages, the costs of repairs and maintenance can increase. But with a leased machine, you can upgrade to a newer model and avoid the financial drain of failing equipment. The ability to stay current with the latest models of printers and copiers gives businesses an edge in productivity when it comes to high-volume printing. Newer technology comes with newer features at your fingertips.

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When it comes to hassle-free copier and printer rentals, we’ve got you covered.