magnetic ink character recognition

MICR printers are engineered specifically to print checks and other negotiable documents. Our secure check printer solutions significantly reduce the costs associated with pre-printed check stock and virtually eliminate the risk of check fraud, a reported $11 billion per year problem.

Erie Ink’s secure MICR toner and printers eliminate the need to purchase, maintain and secure pre-printed check stock and forms because we can print all necessary information on the check in a single pass. Print logos, addresses, amounts, and the MICR line all at once on blank check stock. With a MICR check printer, the savings in paper costs alone exceeds 80%.

We help our customers reduce their exposure to check fraud by building 15 distinct security features into the MICR check printers. From better toner adhesion to full data encryption, these features have been custom engineered specifically to combat a variety of check fraud schemes. And since we’ve also eliminated the need for pre-printed check stock, you don’t have to worry about having to protect against theft of what are effectively blank checks.

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