Refill or Remanufacture?

Refilled or Remanufactured Cartridges?

Consumers looking for a bargain are often misled into believing that giving new life to a toner cartridge is a simple matter of having a store clerk crack it open, dump out any waste toner, and refill it with new toner. In this scenario, the customer is most likely to be disappointed with the results.

These “drill and fill” operations are synonymous with poor quality and shoddy workmanship. That’s why at Erie Ink we never refill your toner cartridge, we remanufacture it. There’s a big difference.

When we remanufacture a toner cartridge at Erie Ink, we do more than just vacuum out the waste toner and refill the cartridge, we follow these procedures:

  • Replace the photosensitive drum, which carries an electrical charge that allows toner to adhere to form the image that’s printed on the page.
  • Replace the PCR (primary charge roller), which charges the photosensitive drum.
  • Replace the chip that tracks toner level and page count.
  • Replace the cleaning blade, which wipes waste toner off the photosensitive drum.
  • Replace bushings and bearings.
  • Clean entire core (the cartridge case).